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- march 01, 2012 -

Can you introduce yourself?


Sure, my name is Raz. I’m married and living in Finland.

What does your name mean?


It does not really mean anything really, it was given to me by a friend and it stuck.

Have you studied I.T. At university? Who was your inspiration to get started on the neo-geo scene?


No, back in the day the only way to learn the programming I wanted to learn (machine code) you had to teach yourself. Game emulation got me started on the NeoGeo schene but I was always in the arcades as a kid.

How did you start the Universe BIOS project?


A friend asked me if I could do a bios for him that would allow him to change region on the system without the need of a hardwired switch. It basically grew from that into what it is today.

Are you a team? Or you work on your own?


I am on my own. That said I have received help from other people in relation to NeoGeo but there is no team as such.

What has been the most difficult thing?


Presently the most difficult thing is finding the time to do work on the bios. Life takes most of my time.

Why did you create the Universe BIOS project?


When I did the first bios for my friend it was so easy to do that I decided to see what else I could add. It was not planned as such, it just grew.

What are your responsabilities towards the project?


I am the creator of it so the answer has to be everything.

How do you feel for having created such an incredible tool?


Its a nice feeling given I know many people just love it. Quite rewarding when I recieve emails from poeple telling me how the bios has improoved their NeoGeo.

Why are you constantly creating new versions of the Universe BIOS? How long does it take for each version?


The project does not feel complete yet so I continue, I can still think of nice features to add. I can’t really say how long it takes, it all depends how much time I have available to work on it or if I feel like working on it.

Do you remember the release date of your first version of Universe BIOS?


No, not off the top of my head. I would have to look through my logs to find the answer to that.

Do you remember the release date of your first version of Universe BIOS?


No, not off the top of my head. I would have to look through my logs to find the answer to that.


In what medium (place) did you announce this first version of Universe BIOS?


That would have been CPS2shock and IRC.


Was it a success from the start?


Yes, mainly because of the built in cheat database many people can’t be without that.


Was it hard to convince people to "open" their AES to install the Universe BIOS?


Not at all. In fact the unibios was never designed for the AES. I had  so many people asking for the bios on the AES that I added support in a future release. So its quite the reverse really.

Did you contact any known neo geo scene technician to teach him how to install the Universe BIOS?


Most NeoGeo modders did not need advice on how to install the bios. They were already doing bios replacements with the debug bios long before the unibios was released.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a United States copyright law. It criminalizes production and dissemination of technology, devices, or services intended to circumvent measures that control access to copyrighted works. Has this law (or other similar ones) affected your work anywhere?



Have you programmed for other systems with the same software, such as Amiga?


Yes, I have programmed C64, Amiga, Atari ST and arcade systems. All at machine code level with assemblers.

Why did you do a free software (Universe BIOS)?


Mainly so people could use the bios in emulators and program it themselves if they had an EPROM programmer.

Before selling a new version of your Unibios, Is there a trial period to verify that all options work properly?


Sort of depending the what been added. Simple things don’t need much testing but entire new features do.

How many time takes to you to test a new version?


Until I’m happy there are no issues remaining.

Can you give us a preview of some feature that will have the future version?


No sorry, I like to keep these secret.


Your project has been used (and stolen) by other people to get money. How do you feel about that?


Yes it has and it happens quite often. There are always people that are going to do this so its to be expected. I do my best to have such listings on sites closed down but some buyers always get caught out with a probuct that no longer functions the same as the original due to these sellers modifying  the bios which in turn trips protections.

Let's go to a delicated issue, the protos. What do you think of the fact that other people sell protos?  Which would be the most popular among collectors?


At the end of the day these protos are going to end up being dumped and then in emulation. People selling them is just speeding up that process compared to one peron having it and not sharing. I think the most sort after  of the NeoGeo protos would be Last Odyssey.

Have you had any proto?


I take it your asking me if I have ever had any dumps of unreleased NeoGeo prototype games. The answer is no.

Have you met Xacrow or other similar persons?


I have never met him in person but we did have had good communication at one point in the past. I have not spoken to him for years however. He sort of disapeered after certin people started badgering him to release his games.

Are you working in another projects related to Neo Geo at the moment?


No, just the unibios.

I think people would like to know if you are a fan of Neo Geo. Are you a collector?


No I don’t collect NeoGeo games. To be honest I get more enjoyment programming the system than playing the games.

Which are your favourite games of this system? Is there a game you specialy liked?


Neo Turf Master is my favorite NeoGeo game by a long way. I have never really been into fighters so the next games I like on the system would be the shooters, esp Blazing Star.

What do you think of collecting of Neo Geo games?


Its not something I would do myself but I can understand why people collect the games.


You know Neo Geo deep inside. Have you ever thought of creating a game for this system?


I have yes. Well not so much creating a game but more converting a game from another system to the NeoGeo. I may look into this more seriously in the future.

You tell us that some day you will do a port from another system, to Neo Geo system. Do you have a special title or special genre in your mind? 


It would probably be a puzzle game. Lets leave it at that.


Any funny anecdote related to Neo Geo?


Not that I can think of off the top of my head unless you want to make fun of some of the bad English grammer in some games.

Have you found any Easter Eggs  hidden in any Neo Geo game?


I found the shrinking character mode of SSVZ but then again anyone else would have found that also if they played with the debug dips.

Anything else? Have you got any news for our users?


There will be a new Universe Bios release so look out for it in the future.


We thank you from for your time.


No Problem



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